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Monday, 27 July 2020

Public-health experts say: Reopen schools! and other commentary

Though no fans of President Trump, Harvard public-health professors Benjamin Sommers, Joseph Allen, Sarah Bleich and Jessica Cohen agree with him in The Boston Globe: “Schools can — and should — reopen” in the fall. Just “listen to the science,” which shows that the spring school closures have, among other things, “led to months of lost learning and widened gaps in educational achievement.” At the same time, studies show children are “less likely to become seriously ill from COVID-19,” half as likely to “get infected in the first place” and “less likely than adults to” transmit it to others. Yes, schools would need to “implement proven risk-reduction strategies” — but that’s no reason to keep them closed. “Listen to the evidence,” in other words: Let kids learn in person.
“Woke-ism is fast becoming the new state religion,” Ben Weingarten ­laments at Newsweek — “the ultimate tool of cynical, radically leftist power-grabbers.” Its main principle — that “America is a deplorable, irredeemable nation”— isn’t new among leftists, but only recently have our elites “mainstreamed” it. Politicians such as Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo, among others, have let “the Woke flood the streets” to start “rioting and looting with impunity” while banning Christians and Jews from practicing their religion, and the ideology has even spread to the federal financial and security establishments. Such a situation portends the undermining of our founding principles and “dismantling of our system” — leading, in the end, to “a theocracy of the woke.”
Libertarian: Our Worsening Economic Crisis
New data show that “permanent business closures” are “on the rise ­nationwide, even as consumer activity continues to slowly increase,” ­reports Reason’s Eric Boehm, with even big businesses “now making further cuts.” Restaurants “have been hardest hit.” No matter how much they reopen, after all, “there’s no substitute for a packed house on Friday night,” which is “simply not realistic right now.” Even federal assistance and loans “may end up merely having flattened the curve” of job losses. Worse, we have no solution right now: The economy will only reopen if most Americans “feel safe going out to restaurants and stores again,” which won’t happen “until the number of coronavirus cases and deaths start falling” — “a vicious cycle for the country and death spiral for many businesses.”
Conservative: An Octogenarian Tyranny
“American politics is getting senile,” blasts Daniel McCarthy in The Spectator. Polls show that the public is about to turn its back against President Trump. Yet “his defeat does not promise to be a source of renewal — not when the alternative is a 77-year-old former vice president.” Joe Biden represents and/or outright committed all the major foreign-policy and economic blunders of his generation of establishment leaders. And joining him will be an equally old and discredited Democratic leadership in the House, including “the chamber’s oldest ever Speaker (80-year-old Nancy Pelosi), an even older House majority leader (Steny Hoyer, 81) and a third octogenarian as majority whip (James Clyburn, 80).” Predictably, given the two parties’ aging power base, their programs are downright “stale” and “decrepit.”
Education desk: No to a Federal School Bailout
“Almost half of House Democrats” want “an additional $305 billion for an 18-month ‘stabilization’ fund for K-12 public schools” — a “massive increase in federal taxpayer spending” that’s “at least a year too early for Congress to consider,” economist Benjamin Scafidi worries at The Washington Examiner. “Instead, public schools should follow the lead from the private sector by right-sizing their staffing models,” starting by considering if they really “need to increase staff endlessly.” If they need money after that, they should “rely on state and school-district reserve funding first” — and if all of those sources don’t work out, then Congress can consider a bailout. Instead of asking for a congressional bailout now, though, school districts should “weather the storm” by starting to “rethink their priorities.”

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Children's Literacy Programs

Literacy Boost

While more children are in school today than ever before, many are not learning basic skills like reading once they get there. Save the Children's Literacy Boost is helping to change that by creating a culture of reading both inside and outside the classroom that dramatically improves children’s literacy development.
Literacy Boost helps children learn to read and read to learn by:
  • Measuring kids' reading skills to see how well they know their ABCs, sound out words and letters, read and understand sentences.
  • Training teachers to help children crack the code of reading, keep students engaged and interested in reading books, and use games, songs and stories in literacy lessons.
  • Getting communities involved in learning by providing books, libraries and supplies, sponsoring camps, "reading buddies" and other learning activities
For Kid Readers:
  • Kids can practice reading with your parents and friends -- at home and at school.
  • Visit your local library and read! If you don't have a library, create one—share a book with a friend.
For Adult Readers:
  • Talk and read to a child every day to introduce new words into their vocabulary.
  • Promote reading during everyday activities like shopping, cooking and running errands.
  • Tell your elected officials in Washington, DC that you support U.S. investments and policies to help kids learn to read around the globe.

Leveraging Change For Children

Through Literacy Boost and other effective education and literacy programs, Save the Children is working together with partners around the world to ensure that every child receives a quality education and gains the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and develop.
  • Globally, Save the Children is helping to craft a new global development goal on education to ensure that girls and boys everywhere learn how to read, write, and count by the age of 12, and that the learning gaps between the poorest and the richest children are significantly reduced.
  • In the United States, Save the Children is working with the U.S. Congress to support funding for global education, both bilaterally and through the multilateral Global Partnership for Education initiative, and support policies like the Education for All Act that will make a transformative change in children’s ability to learn in developing countries.
Where is Literacy Boost?
Save the Children helps teachers, parents and communities boost their children’s literacy development — transforming their future and the future we all share. To date, Literacy Boost has helped nearly 4 million children in more than 30 countries improve their reading skills.

Students Rebuild: Make a Hand, Lend a Hand

Students Rebuild, in partnership with Save the Children and Global Nomads Group, has launched an effort to help provide youth around the globe pathways to change their lives and lift themselves into a better future.
Throughout the world, millions of young people have to leave their education behind to find ways to help provide for themselves and their families most basic needs. Despite this, many still live in extreme poverty – on less than $1.90 a day.

Girl's Education

A girl is not a statistic or a piece of property. She's a child who deserves a future. 
Girls the world over face discrimination – just for being born a daughter and not a son. A girls education is less likely to be valued, and she’s more likely to be forced into early marriage, face violence or be stolen by traffickers. Her childhood cut short – her very life and future at risk.
A girl’s education changes everything. An educated girl is more likely to grow up healthy, safe and empowered to determine the course of her life and future. She’ll decide when she’s ready for marriage and children. She’ll likely send her children to school – and even live a longer life.
We understand the importance of education for girl children. We do whatever it takes to ensure every last child has a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – her best chance for a bright future. 
With your help, we can educate girls who may not otherwise have the chance to learn — changing the course of their lives, their children’s lives and the future of their communities.