Sunday, 28 June 2020

Tips to Improve Academics of a Child

The learning capability varies from child to child. To enable kids to make conceptual changes in thinking, the teacher should make learning fun, building lectures in story formats. This will help them regain and recall the academic information increasing learning efficiency. Research shows that actively participating in your child's nurturing can boost the learning abilities rather than your own qualification or amount of money the family makes.
Create a positive impact on the child's academic performance by following the ways mentioned below:
Encourage and introduce your child to different learning styles:
Help your child become aware of different fundamental learning styles like Audio, Visual, Verbal, Logical, and Social. Guide him through his preferred learning style, it can be a dominant or a mixture of learning styles.
2. Focus on your child's interest:
If you want your child to ace in academics, help him explore various subjects and topics of his interest. If your child seems to be interested in football, take a personal interest in helping him learn football.
3. Make academics easier through game-based learning:
Games, when used as an educational tool, can turn to create new horizons for kids. It provides opportunities for the development of non-cognitive skills and deeper learnings. It provides motivation to kids for term-based learnings favourable in a classroom setting.
4. Focus on learning not performance:
Focus on learning will give your child the opportunity to solidify his learnings by putting it in his own words. Instead of being concerned about your child's performance and the result, make him understand that actual learning is more important than the test grades. This will boost the confidence and learning capabilities in your child.
5. Create a learning space at home:
Set up an environment more adaptable for concentration that is free from all distractions like loud music, TV noise, toys is important. Also, keeping them away from mobile phones, browsing the internet in this technological era while performing a particular task can help in child's concentration.
6. Celebrate Achievements:
It is important for kids to get proper recognition for strengthening the fundamentals of better learning capabilities. It is very important to recognize small-small achievements and celebrate them. This will act as a motivating factor for your child's learning.
7. Create an environment open for communication:
Encourage an environment where your child is comfortable expressing his likes and dislikes. Validate your child's opinion in a decision even if you disagree, this will create an environment that is open and free learning.
Go about making every day a learning day. This will motivate the child to explore the world around him creating new opportunities and connections. Also, make them understand that being their parents you are always up to learning new things, this will motivate them to find possibilities of learnings from all the new happenings around. Open gates for your child to learn and explore wherever they are may it be home or a classroom.
One of the Pioneers in this field is BRAINY - A division of Brain Child Learning which helps in Brain Training for Children in the age group of 6 to 16-years-old. They have a methodology of Training which Involves Meditation / Digitised Music - to open new neural pathways in the brain and Neurobic Exercises which help the mind stay agile and alert. The Blended training provides all round development of the brain with multiple benefits.
Since this program works on the Cognitive skills of Memory, Focus, Concentration and control of brain waves hence it helps in the academics of the child.